About GE International

GE International was founded in 2011 with a single mission: to provide international recruiting service for U.S. Boarding schools. GE works with a network of local partners and to help recruit students from Asia (China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, and Vietnam) Europe, and Latin America.​​GE International has earned a reputation of hard work, honesty, transparency and efficiency.

It is because of these values that GE has become one of the fastest growing international education companies in the industry. We strive to help connect students with a school that will provide the academic and social culture that will enable them to find their voice and pursue their passions.

GE provides support to over 300 U.S. Boarding Schools that enable them to better accommodate the diverse needs of their international student body. GE simplifies the application process with careful attention to and understanding of the specific needs, goals and cultures of our partner schools.​

The GE application is easy and fast. Once completed, the application package can be submitted to multiple boarding schools. There is no application fee and all documents are sent electronically. This helps to streamline the entire process.

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